In 2010 we started a new production facility at which all are employees are proud  to work. Quality is our passion.


Our skilled employees have chosen for a batch wise frying process. The nuts are getting a more pure and rich taste, very attractive for the critical consumer. After the frying the nuts cool down in a natural way which can take 24 hours. Everything for the most optimal taste.


Carefully the products are salted or flavored, this also counts for the attention which is paid to the mixing process, slowly but surely the components are combined in the correct percentages.


We have flexible packaging possibilities varying in size from 40-2500 gram. In different ways we can print product details on the pack. Please ask us for all possibilities.

Our packing possibilities

• Reclosable cups (closure with topseal)
• Reclosable buckets 1 L, 3L, 5L en 10L • Reclosable  boxes 3L
• Blockbottom bag transparent paper • Pillowbag (transparent, bedrukt)