Artisan Coated Nuts

A large variety of coated nuts made on an artisanal way, handmade by our nuts specialists. Besides the most common coated peanuts, we’ve created coated cashews and almonds in several flavours as well. We are able to create all types of flavours on request.


Enjoy Your Daily Nuts

Eating nuts on a regular basis may improve your health in many ways, such as by reducing diabetes and heart disease risk, as well as cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This nutritious high-fiber treat may even aid weight loss – despite its high calorie count.



Raw nuts are unprocessed and unroasted. As a result, all original nutrients are retained

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Nature’s Kick

We carefully select the origin. The basis of premium quality. Kernels are roasted fresh. The berries, seeds, and seeds are packed in handy, resealable cups. The origin and healthy properties are stated on the label. Of course suggestions for tasty recipes are not missing from the package. Go on a culinary voyage of discovery with Nature’s Kick.

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Verse Klasse Noten

Every day our goal is to deliver top quality. We also want to surprise you. With the taste of our classics (salted, chocolate & sugar, crispy, student oats). Our melangeur regularly comes up with new mixes with a distinctive taste profile. Something for everyone. We would like you to enjoy the (h) honest taste of freshly baked nuts.

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Kommi Asemel

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Pick & Mix

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Nuts on Wheels

Tasty, healthy nuts and berries on the road!

Small cups

  • Pinda’s
  • Cashews

Large cups

  • Studentenhaver
  • Superfruit noten mix

Nootgevallen (bekers)

  • Cashews
  • Studenhaver
  • Pinda’s
  • Indonesische Pindamix



We bake our nuts fresh every day. Quantity for quantity. We call this hand-baked because it is not a continuous process. Afterwards, the nuts are given time to cool down quietly and thereby develop optimum taste. We would like you to enjoy the (h) honest taste of freshly baked nuts. That starts with the careful selection of raw nuts. After baking, they are carefully salted or mixed.


Premium nuts to share together

  • Oranjemix 600 gram (indonesische pindamix)
  •  Boerenmix 600 gram
  • Zomermix 600 gram (indonesiche pindamix)
  • Huismix 600 gram
  • Luxe notenmix 500 gram