Processing and packing nuts and dried fruit since 1996

About us

We are Foodtrend, part of The Monchy Food Company. We process and pack nuts and dried fruits in our two factories in The Netherlands. One factory is specialized in producing larger volumes, while the other is capable to produce small volumes in all kind of different packagings (tailor made concepts). Innovation and sustainability are the key-drivers that contribute to our sustainable and ambitious growth plan.

Source well treat well

We create tasteful, healthy and / or sustainable products from natural ingredients, grown in origins where we can maximize our contribution to environment and society.

Improving the quality of life of all stakeholders in our value chain.

Transparent, Responsible, Reliable, Honest, Passionate, Entrepreneurial.

our contribution on sustainability

We have been part of establishing the Trivium Foundation, which aims to contribute to a better living environment of the communities involved in our supply chains, focusing on education, sports, and healthcare. In collaboration with local partners projects have been started in Brazil (2019), Bolivia (2019), and Madagascar (2020).

what we have achieved so far

Fair Treat centers with focus on:

-Regenerative agricultural practices


-Water wells

Opening of four schools:

-South Africa




sustainable cashew nuts from Tanzania

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Commercieel directeur

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